• 200A
  • 200A


LPMS 200A Pneumatic Table Top Machine

Our machines are engineered for low pressure molding applications. Using specialty resins to encapsulate delicate parts.

Applications including : automotive electronics, PCBA,coil, fiber-optic, LED lighting, wire, cable, etc.

Operating temperatureAmbient up to 250°C
Melting TankMT-01-200A x 1
Clamping force1.2T
Electrical connection200~240VAC / 1 Phase / 50Hz
Power input1.8 kW
Min air pressure0.5 MPa / 73 Psi
Footprint625 mm x 605 mm x 865 mm
Mould set size100 mm x 80 mm x 60 mm
Max Mould Set Size120mm x 100mm x 60mm