• LPMS 900MD
  • LPMS 900MD


The 900MD has been designed for large scale mass production. The turntable design means no down time in production. Further features are 2 x 1L melt tanks which can deliver like, or different materials. The hot runner design also eliminates runners and creates higher throughput.

Additional features such as auto-feed-systems and driers can be integrated for even more efficiency.

Operating temperatureAmbient up to 250°C
Melting Tank1L x 2
Clamping force1.2T
Electrical connection200~240VAC / 1 Phase / 50Hz
Power input11 kW
Min air pressure0.5 MPa / 73Psi
Footprint1135mm x 2100mm
Mould set size250mm x 150mm x 308mm/16kg
Max Mould Set Size300mm x 200mm x 308mm