Nov,11-14th, 2017

Productronica Munich in Germany. LPMS and Germany partner demonstrated the latest low pressure molding technology and the machine and tooling production demonstration attracted a lot of potential customers.

Sept 23, 2017 

LPMS organized one day tour to Shenzhen Splendid China folk culture villages for all staff.

Sept 14-16th,2017

LPMS and Henkel India attended the Electronic India 2017.

Sept, 6th-7th, 2017

Melbourne Electronics Design&Assembly Expo.

July, 2017

Upgrade KAPPA 1000H machines approved the FAT (factory acceptance test). The machines comply with the CAT 3, ISO 13849 and NFPA 79 standards.

June, 20th,2017

LPMS basketball and running contest award ceremony.

May 7th- 9th ,2017

The 3rd Global Wire & Cable Exhibition(2017).

Mar,4th, 2017

LPMS held the 3rd running contest.


Productronica China closed. LPMS showed Type C connector molding technology and dispenser system and peelable mask material AS8998.


LPMS held a tug of war and push-up contest.

Jan, 10th,2017

LPMS hot runner system was patented. The hot runner system can work with different mold sets.

Feb.14rd-16th 2017

LPMS will attend IPC APEX EXPO 2017 in San Diego. We will demonstrate new low pressure molding machine and new applications.


Our new technology multistage injecting pressure control system and upgraded hand-held low-pressure gun were patented by State Intellectual Property Office.

Oct. 2016

LPMS was invited By Henkel Germany and attended Electronica Germany exhibition in Munich. During the exhibition, a lot professional audiences showed interests in our low pressure molding machine.

July 2016

We expended our factory again and finished in September 2016

Sep. 14rd-16th, 2016

LPMS attended Electronics Design and Assembly Expo (Electronex 2016) in Australia, showed our latest low-pressure molding equipment and low-pressure molding application at booth B17B.

Sep. 13rd-15th, 2016

LPMS was invited to attend Nepcon Vietnam exhibition.

July 2016

To provide better service for eastern China customers , LPMS upgraded eastern China sales office to LPMS eastern China branch. We added more mold process and assembly equipment and expanded the business place. LPMS eastern China branch can provide one-stop low pressure molding service.

June 9, 2016

LPMS was invited to demonstrate low pressure molding technology in Bulgaria. We demonstrated low pressure molding technology to more than 30 different manufacturers and gave them professional training of low pressure molding technology.


LPMS will participate in the 2016 IPC APEX EXPO in Las Vegas, Booth: 1723, welcome to visit.


LPMS will attend productronica china exhibition, booth number: E1 1556, welcome to visit


LPMS USA participated in the 2015 exhibition in Chicago and successful ended.d


LPMS & Henkel Exhibition soccer game


LPMS have overmolded large LED board successfully. The LED board size is 400x400mm with 4096 lights. Total resin volume is 758g. It’s the largest product in low pressure molding history.

Oct 27th-29th,2015

LPMS and USA distributor On-Hand will attend THE ASSEMBLY SHOW in Rosemont, IL, USA.


LPMS innovated different pressure phase for the injection and holding.


LPMS Fifth bastket ball match LPMS cup began.

June 9th-11th,2015

LPMS USA attended SENSORS 2015 at long beach, California on June 9th-11th .This year we demonstrated LPMS 900MD turntable hot runner system machine and BETA 600 machine.


LPMS innovated different pressure phase for the injection and holding.

Jun 9th-11st,2015

LPMS and USA distributor On-Hand will attend Sensors Expo&Conference.

Apr 8th-11st,2015

LPMS and Taiwan distributor will attend TAIPEI AMPA trade show in Taiwan. The booth number is L0318.

Mar 23rd-27th,2015

LPMS and Brazil distributor WWelectronicos will attend FIEE 2015 trade show in St Paul, Brazil. The booth number is E799.

Mar 17rd-19th,2015

LPMS will attend Electronica & Productronica China. The booth number is E1 1556.

Mar 13rd-14th,2015

LPMS offered Low Pressure Molding Technology is recongnized by America customers.


LPMS offered Low Pressure Molding Technology is recongnized by America customers.

January 31, 2015

LPMS Held in the annual company party and awarded the employees who worked at least 6 years in LPMS and held lucky draw

November 17th, 2014

LPMS Held the awarding ceremony for 4th session basketball game .Our top management present the prizes and trophies for every team.

Nov 13th, 2014, LPMS

LPMS attended DRN battery Co.,Ltd . " Supplier Seminar" in Dongguan .LPMS was awarded "2014 best service provider"。

Nov 4-Nov 8th,2014

LPMS attend the 16th session China International Industry Fair at booth D001,hall W2 in Shanghai.LPMS showed the latest machine and many successful applications and demostrate the overmolding process on site.

Nov 6-Nov 8th, 2014

LPMS attended the 11th China International Optoelectronic Expo OVC With Apollo Seiko(Shanghai) Ind. Corp. at booth C2.13,hall A4 in Wuhan .LPMS showed the latest machine and many successful applications and demostrate the overmolding process on site.

Oct, 28--30th, 2014

LPMS USA attended the 2014 Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL, USA. LPMS USA demonstrated LPMS 900MD, BETA 600 and ALPHA 100 machines.

Sept 23rd-25th, 2014

LPMS and India Henkel attended the IPC APEX India 2014 in Banglore. During the trade show, LPMS demonstrated the low pressure molding technology and new designed melt-on demand machine and many applications.

August, 30th , 2014

LPMS arranged the annual travelling

August , 2014

LPMS fourth bastket ball match LPMS cup began.

July, 2014

LPMS got ISO/TS16949 certificate.

July,25th, 2014

LPMS bought 4 set CNC manufacturing centers and 1 set CNC lathe. These machinery has been adjusted on July,25th and ready for production. With these machinery, LPMS improves the machinery precision and low pressure molding machine quality.

June 24th-26th, 2014

LPMS attended the Sensors Expo&Conference trade show with USA distributor On-Hand Adhesives, Inc. in Rosemont, IL. During the trade show, LPMS showed new designed low pressure molding equipment and new applications.

June 10th-12nd, 2014

LPMS attended the 15th NEPCON trade show with Malaysia distribut Auzana in Penang, Malaysia. In the trade show, LPMS showed new designed low pressure molding equipment LPMS 500 melt on demand machine.

June, 2014

LPMS grows again!
LPMS expands assembly shop, warehouse, employee dormitory and cafeteria. The assembly shop added more than 400 square meters. The warehouse added more than 500 square meters. Add 66 rooms for employee dormitory. The cafeteria area added 250 square meters.

May, 8-10th, 2014

LPMS and Mecatronic attended SMThybridpackaging in Germany at booth 204, 5th Hall.

Mar 18th-20th, 2014

LPMS attended the Productronic China 2014 at booth W5 5358 and demonstrated the latest designed resin quick melt down machine LPMS 500, turn table type hot runner system dual melt-on-demand melting tank machine LPMS 900MD and screw pump machine LPMS 6000. A lot of potiential customers visited our booth and discussed the applications may need LPM.

January 2014

An agreement was signed between LPMS and Mecatronic s.r. LPMS is a registered trade mark company leader in the production of Low Pressure Molding Solutions. Mecatronic s.r.l. is a strong and well-estabilished business company with a long technical experience in the Overmolding and Harness Fields.As per the agreement Mecatronic s.r.l. will be responsible for the sales and service of LPMS products throughout West and East Europe and North Africa.Many machines installations have been carried out with a fully customers' satisfaction.We suggest complete solutions to electronics, microelectronics and harness fields.

Nov 12nd-14th

LPMS partner attended Productronica trade show in Germany and showed low pressure molding machines, toolings. We did the overmolding demonstration on site.

Nov, 2013

LPMS won the innovation fund from Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.


LPMS third basketball competition has formally come to a conclusion. Tooling department won the championship.


  Henkel AE team second low pressure molding seminar was held in LPMS on 31th, Oct. 2013.


LPMS got machine design and appearance patent. Please visit for detail information.


LPMS tour to Shenzhen Eastern overseas Chinese town on 18th, Sept, 2013.


Football match between LPMS and Henkel on 12nd, Sept, 2013


LPMS designed and produced cell phone battery plastic housing, cell phone battery PCB plastic holder and battery plastic tail now.


LPMS obtained Henkel's distribution right in Guangdong province, China for the continous fourth time.

April 23-25th, 2013

LPMS and Henkel will attend the twenty-third China international electronic production equipment exhibition and microelectronics industry exhibition to be hosted in SWEECC together. We will show how low pressure molding machine works. Customers are welcomed to visit our booth.

Mar 19th-21st 2013

LPMS attended the Productronic China 2013 at booth E4 4160 in Shanghai. During the exhibition, we demonstrated low pressure molding process by overmolding USB and LED lights and showed water-proof function after overmolding, attracted numerous potential customers to discuss further application in the electronics industry.

December, 2012

LPMS expanded again ! Established new production service shop and high pressure injection department to produce cell phone battery PCB plastic holder, tail and housing.

September, 2012

LPMS designed 20 liters melting tank to meet higher productivity.

August 2012

LPMS was awarded as Non-Governmental-Run Science and Technology Enterprise of Dongguan. LPMS is the only company in China wins this honor in low pressure molding industry.

August 28th-30th

2012 LPMS participated the China Electronics Fair in Shenzhen.

July 23rd, 2012

LPMS and Henkel held the second seminar about low pressure molding technology.

Mar 30th, 2012

LPMS and Henkel held the first seminar about low pressure molding technology.

Jan 2012

LPMS designed 3 guns, air over oil cylinder machine to overmold L500xW70xL10mm LED with 150 grams shot size.

Nov 2011

LPMS introduced three plates mold to low pressure molding. Make PCB one shot overmold possible. Developed Oxygen reduction device to avoid resin carbonation.

June 2011

We are growing again ! LPMS is expanding. We are adding more production space. The additional space will increase our capacity to 100 machines per month.

Mar 2011

Electronica & Productronica China 2011


Kunshan office established to provide better service to East China customers.