Low Pressure Molding Solution Provider LPMS was founded in 2004. LPMS is the pioneer of low pressure molding industry in Asia. Aug 2004, first low pressure injection machine officially made by Chinese appeared on the market by LPMS. We have worked on over 2000 applications in the world. LPMS is a global supplier, We have established the perfect distributors and agent service system in global and our customers on every continent.

We offer years of experience to our customers, including outstanding engineering design advice, rapid tooling, material selection and production trials. Our seamless services winning confidence by worldwide customers, they have made us the largest supplier of low pressure molding solution in the world.



Low pressures molding is a single step process to encapsulate seal and protect electronics. Using a simple mold set allows for the process to use much less material than traditional potting process. It requires no housing. Part numbers or Logos can easily be incorporated into the mold set for added benefits. The process is fast – producing the finished part in seconds

This unique technology is primarily used for encapsulation, or over molding of electronic assemblies. These include battery packs, PCBA, micro-switches, solenoids, sensors, connectors and wire harnesses. The benefits are; environmental protection from moisture, and vibration, low cost, delicate assemblies can be processed, no secondary curing, and environmentally friendly


Feb.14rd-16th 2017 LPMS will attend IPC APEX EXPO 2017 in San Diego. We will demonstrate new low pressure molding machine and new applications.
Nov.2016 Our new technology multistage injecting pressure control system and upgraded hand-held low-pressure gun were patented by State Intellectual Property Office.
Oct. 2016  LPMS was invited By Henkel Germany and attended Electronica Germany exhibition in Munich. During the exhibition, a lot professional audiences showed interests in our low pressure molding machine.
July 2016  We expended our factory again and finished in September 2016

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