Low Pressure Molding Systems LPMS was founded in 2004. We pioneered low pressure molding in Asia and our seamless services winning confidence by worldwide customers , and our loyal customers have made us the largest supplier of molding systems in the world. We understand the benefits of low pressure molding, having worked on over 1000 applications. LPMS is a global supplier; we have customers on every continent.

We offer years of experience to our customers. Our engineers will assist with material recommendations, rapid prototype tooling, application engineering, testing, as well as custom machine designs tailored to your exact needs. Our goal is to provide turnkey solutions.

Low Pressure Molding Solution Provider LPMS was founded in 2004. LPMS is the pioneer of low pressure molding industry in Asia. Aug 2004, first low pressure injection machine officially made by Chinese appeared on the market by LPMS. We have worked on over 2000 applications in the world. LPMS is a global supplier, We have established the perfect distributors and agent service system in global and our customers on every continent.

We offer years of experience to our customers, including outstanding engineering design advice, rapid tooling, material selection and production trials. Our seamless services winning confidence by worldwide customers, they have made us the largest supplier of low pressure molding solution in the world.


3 Functional Divisions

Equipment division
To provide customers with high-performance low-pressure injection machine.
Our development team flexible combine more than 10 years of low pressure molding craft design experience with mechanical theory,providing the best customized equipment scheme to cater requirements of different customers. The customized can be from whole plant production line to the machine structure。
Mold set division
PE and professional mold design team for the product provides detailed low pressure molding solutions, including low pressure injection mold design, production, parameters.
ISO9001 certified.
Mold and mold components can be delivered after 15 days when we get order.
Production service division
Established in 2008.
Strong machine and tooling support as well as low pressure molding experience enable to delivery the high quality goods on time.
Quality control based on ISO9001 and TS16949.
Complete processing equipment, includes automatic spot welder, automatic lead cutter, automatic stripping machine and etc.

Why work with us

Professional Development
LPMS R&D team has developed innovative spirit, flexible combination of mechanical theory, low pressure molding technology and design to provide the best equipment and tooling programs; customized production line include whole plant planning to machine structure, to meet customer different needs.
Technical support
We can provide whole process parameters.
Quality System
LPMS based on ISO 9001 quality system and TS14949 standards for product development, production, delivery and service quality control of the whole process, the real implementation of customer satisfaction.
4. Leading market
Single-minded commitment to the development of low-pressure dispensing technology, already with a number of large international companies to establish technology exchange, long-term partnership, cooperative solutions to a number of high-tech cases.
5. Service Assurance
Perfect sales service system, professional sales service team, economic and efficient service to ensure that customers normal production.



Feb , LPMS registered trade mark.

June, LPMS Got ISO9000 certified.
June, We had established overseas branch in North America and Europe

Shanghai office established for service Yangtze River Delta area and north market.

Sept, We had established agent service system in India
Nov, LPMS introduced three plates mold to low pressure molding.

April, We had established agent service system in USA
Non-governmental-run science and technology enterprise committee member.
Dec, vertical injection machines obtained CE certified.
Dec. We had established agent service system in Italy

Compact design machine obtained certificate of patent for invention
June, We had established agent service system in Malaysia and Singapore
July, We had established agent service system in Australia
Nov, Innovation fund from Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.
Nov, Our Horizontal Low pressure molding machines obtained CE certified.

March, the Mold set division of USA was established
May, We had established agent service system in Japan
July, We got ISO/TS16949 certified.
Factory expanded to more than 10000 sq.

Sep. We had established agent service system in Malaysia and Singapore.

March. LPMS East China sales service office upgraded to East China branch.
July LPMS designed and put into market battery automatic soldering machine and battery labelling machine.

Sep. LPMS designed and made machines that got ISO 13849-3 and NFPA 79 certificate.